University Rover Challenge

About Competition

The world's best robotics tournament for college students is called the University Rover Challenge (URC)

The yearly URC competition pits student teams against each other to design and construct the upcoming Mars rovers that will one day assist humans in exploring the Red Planet. The competition takes place in the American desert of southern Utah. A competition is held every summer as part of the URC, which was established in 2006

Our Achievement

Finished among the top teams in University Rover Challenge (2019)
Also took part in an Australian rover tournament in Arkaroola
The industry recognises the team's accomplishments, and we have previously received proposals to construct rovers for industrial uses (autonomous thermal imaging rover for power plant)


About Competition

The European Rover Challenge is an international space and robotics competition that combines martian rover competition with technological and scientific displays. Since 2014, ERC has been bringing the cosmos to the general public and raising awareness of the expanding importance of contemporary technologies in our lives under the motto "we inspire a new generation."

ERC serves as a gathering place for individuals from the European scientific and commercial communities who are interested in the application of robotic and space technologies

Our Achievement

Best navigation award among 28+ teams in European Rover Challenge


About Competition

IRC is a Space Robotics Society engineering contest for space robots

It presents a challenge for college students to envision, build, create, and operate a next-generation astronaut-assistive Mars Rover and carry out particular missions under simulated Martian circumstances. The competition's goal is to give students a hands-on, multidisciplinary engineering experience that combines hard skills like business planning and project management with technical engineering knowledge

Our Achievement

Qualified for SDDR stage in IRC 2023 finals