Mars Rover Team

The IITB Mars Rover project is a student initiative at IIT Bombay to build a prototype Mars rover capable of extra-terrestrial robotics.

We are a young tech team of IIT-Bombay, looking forward to make our mark!

The team consists of budding engineers, ranging from various departments and study programmes offered at IIT-B, working to gain hand on knowledge about development of all terrain rovers and space biosciences, which combinedly, help us towards our deployment of the rover


Current Status

The current iteration of the rover has a 4 wheeled rocker bogie based suspension system modified to fit our specifications. It rests on four toughened rubber balloon wheels, which provide grip on sandy and slippery surfaces and suspension from shock.

The team has been selected to compete at URC-2019, with a ranking of 20 amongst 84 participating teams worldwide.The Systems Acceptance Review video for the competition is attached.

View Gallery, to see the rover in action

The Team is roughly divided into the following four subsystems

Electronics and Software

  • Onboard Software
  • Control System
  • Automation
  • BMS and Power Distribution
  • Communication


  • Robotic Arm and End Effector
  • Suspension
  • Bioassembly
  • Chassis
  • Wheels


  • Life Detection Tests
  • Bio Sensors
  • Geological Survey
  • Sample Collection
  • Literature Survey

Design and Logistics

  • CDR Video Shoot
  • Webpage Design
  • Shipping Arrangements
  • Sponsorship and Funding
  • Travel and Visa Arrangements

We look forward to take suggestions from you!

If you have any inputs which could improve our design, or just want to join the team, please feel free to,

Contact Us!