Mechanical Subsystem roughly comprise of


Robotic Arm

  • The arm has 3 degrees of freedom and is made of plates with trusses and reinforcements to endure torsional and bending loads.
  • The Arm is highly optimized to meet the requirements of the tasks and at the same time have minimal weight.
  • The arm has been designed and tested to lift 5kgs of weight and can reach up to 1 metre above the ground and 10 cm below the surface.


  • The rover uses an entirely passive rocker-bogie suspension mechanism, which is tried and tested and thus reliable.
  • A novel 4-bar differential mechanism gives the chassis greater stability and also keeps it level while the rover traverses considerably rough terrain.
  • The suspension has been designed to climb over rocks of upto 0.5 metre high and traverse slopes excess of 50 degrees.
  • We are also designing an alternate 4-wheel suspension mechanism that uses differential steer as a backup to the current suspension.


Gripper (End Effector)

  • The parallel 2-finger end-effector has been designed to grip 5kg objects and also toggle knobs and switches.
  • The end effector also has 3 degrees of freedom, thus giving the entire arm 6 degrees of freedom.
  • The curved finger design was arrived at after numerous iterations using CAD and simulation software.


  • The chassis is made out of lightweight hollow aluminium pipes. This design reduces the weight while giving the required strength.
  • It is designed so that all the components mounted on it are modular and can be removed easily.