Soaring with best guided by sky's Zest


We had the opportunity to showcase our latest rover, Tezant 2.0, to Shri. Somanath S, The Chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), during Techconnect .We are excited to convey our enthusiasm and readiness as we gear up for the upcoming ISRO - Robotics Challenge URSC - U R Rao Satellite Centre - 2024.

Won the Excellence Award


INTERNATIONAL ROVER CHALLENGE is a Space Robotics Society engineering contest challenging college students to conceive, construct, and operate an advanced Mars Rover, providing a hands-on, multidisciplinary engineering experience integrating business planning, project management, and technical skills in simulated Martian conditions.

Best navigation award among 28+ teams in European Rover Challenge


The European Rover Challenge, since 2014, unites international space and robotics enthusiasts, showcasing Martian rover competitions and technological displays, fostering awareness and inspiring a new generation about the significance of contemporary technologies in our lives.

world's best robotics tournament for college students


Ranked among the top teams globally in the University Rover Challenge (2019), our excellence led to industry recognition and proposals for constructing practical-use rovers, including an autonomous thermal imaging rover for power plant inspections.

Qualified for SDDR stage in IRC 2024


"SPROS IRC is a space robotics engineering competition that challenges university students to conceptualize, design, develop, and operate an astronaut-assistive next-generation space rover, performing specific missions in Mars simulated conditions."

Space Tech Awareness Campain. Fueling Curiosity, Igniting Minds


Abhyuday successfully hosted a special Space-Tech Awareness Campaign, bringing the wonders of the cosmos to underprivileged children, where dreams took flight! Together with @iitb.marsroverteam, we unlocked a universe of opportunities, inspiring young minds to reach for the stars.